Single Speed Folding Bike Reviews: Help in Finding One

Our single speed folding bike review will help you find a model that suits your needs. Single speed will not suit every one. Having a single gear means any slopes or inclines on your route may become exhausting very quickly! But if a single speed suits you and you want a foldable bike that’s virtually maintenance free, you should take a look at the wide range of single speed models that are available today. 

If you only plan to ride it around on mainly flat terrain, then a single speed folding bike can be a great idea. No gears to worry about, usually very light to carry and easy to use, these bikes are always going to be popular for people who want something simple and straightforward to get them from A to B.

Now that we’ve sorted out why you might want to go for a single speed, the next job is to find a good model amongst all the ones available from lots of different manufacturers. That’s where we can help as we’ve picked four of the top selling models and compared them all so you can find the one that suits you best. Click here now for great deals at Amazon on single speed folding bikes or keep reading for a review of each model

Let’s start off by taking a look at all the specs and main features of our selections side by side:


Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike, 20-Inch Single Speed Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike

Ford by Dahon Convertible Single Speed Folding Bicycle

Cost $$ $ $$$$ $$$
Frame material Chromoly Steel  Chromoly Aluminum
Stand-over height (approx.) 20” 18” 20” 22”
Folded size 12.2″ x 30.7″ x 25.6″(31 x 78 x 65 cm) 11″ x 28″ x 26″

(28 x 71 x 66 cm)

11.4″ x 33.1″ x 25.2 (29 x 84 x 64 cm) 14” x 33” x 25”

(35 x 83 x 63 cm)

Folded latching system Magnetic No Magnetic No
Weight 27.3lbs (12.4 kg) 33lbs (15 kg) 24.0lbs (10.8 kg) 28lbs (12.7 kg)
Color Obsidian (black) Gloss black Shadow (Gray/Black) Black
Gears Single speed Single speed Single speed Single speed
Chain guard Chainring only Full length None Full length
Wheels 20” Aluminum 20” Alloy 20” Alloy 20” Alloy
Tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth rolling street tires
Brakes Front Linear – Aluminum

Rear – coaster

Linear – steel Rear coaster only Linear – alloy
Kickstand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Folding pedals Both Right Both Both
Adjustable seat height Yes – aluminum seat post Yes – steel seat post Yes – aluminum seat post Yes – aluminum seat post
Adjustable handlebar height No – aluminum handle post No – steel handle post No – aluminum handle post Yes – aluminum

handle post

Rider height 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 – 193 cm) Max approx 6’ 4” (193 cm) 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 – 193 cm) 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 – 193 cm)
Max rider weight 231 lbs (105 kg) 220lbs

231 lbs (105 kg)

231 lbs (105 kg)
Fenders Front and back full size Front and back full size None Front and back full size
Rear rack Steel – bolt on Steel – bolt on None Steel – bolt on
Carry bag No Yes No No
Warranty 5 years on frame, forks and handle post. 2 years all other non-wear components Lifetime 5 years on frame, forks and handle post. 2 years all other non-wear components 5 years on frame, forks and handle post. 2 years all other non-wear components

Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike

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The Boardwalk is one of Dahon’s best-selling foldable bikes of all time thanks to its classic looks, quick folding mechanism, and lightweight frame. Price-wise it comes in at the lower end of the budget, with only the Schwinn Hinge being cheaper but it offers a lot of value and is probably the better buy.

This model has a good-looking chromoly frame in Obsidian black, which is one of the toughest materials around whilst still being lighter than plain old steel. The Dahon Boardwalk also features aluminum wheels, plus adjustable aluminum seat and handle posts which all help to reduce the weight on this single speeder to just over 27 lbs. That puts it in the average weight category which is mostly fine for commuters or anyone that has to carry the bike any distance.

Apart from that, the features are fairly standard including a good-sized rack and full fenders front and rear to protect against splashes. Note though that there is only a chain guard around the front chain ring so be careful to keep pants clipped to prevent oil marks etc.

The folding system on this model is excellent and like most Dahon bikes, it can be folded up or down in under 15 seconds making it one of the quickest around to pack away. Another thing that will help a lot when transporting the folded bike is that the Boardwalk comes with a magnetic latch system to hold it in place.

There is a question mark over which set of brakes you get as Dahon seem to have changed this recently, however, the standard setup on this model currently is for a linear pull brake on the front and a coaster brake on the back. That means you have to pedal backward to activate the rear brake, which actually works quite well once you get used to it.

Overall most owners seem quite happy with their Boardwalk and there appear to be few common problems we can find. If you’re looking for something a little lighter than the real budget models but one that still offers excellent value for money, the Dahon Boardwalk looks to be a good pick.

Schwinn Hinge 20-Inch Single Speed Folding Bike

Image Source

The Hinge from Schwinn is their budget model and it’s by far the cheapest of our four models here as well. However, you may not think so just by looking at it as it is solidly built and has all the features you need plus comes in a stylish gloss black finish.

That built to last quality is courtesy of an all steel frame, seat post, handlebars etc. which contribute to one of the main drawbacks of this model; it’s very heavy for a foldable bike! Weighing in at around 33 lbs that’s nearly 10 lbs heavier than our lightest model (the Dahon Uno) and is definitely well above average.

If you’re not going to be carrying the bike around too much on the daily commute, then this model may be just fine for you. It has all the basics covered as it comes with a rack, adjustable seat post, full-length chain guard and takes around just 20-30 seconds to fold up or down. It also has the lowest stand-over height of our selection thanks to the way the frame angles down towards the pedals.

Apart from the weight, the only things we’ve found people aren’t so keen on are that unlike the Dahon Boardwalk, there is no latching mechanism to hold it closed when folded and the carry bag provided is both difficult to use and poor quality. The latching thing can be easily solved with some Velcro straps or a bungee cord but it would have been nice to see something included.

Our final thoughts on the Hinge? Definitely one to consider if budget is your main consideration as long as you are ok with the weight of the bike both for carrying and when cycling (or pushing!) up any hills you come across.

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike

Our next model in the lineup is again from Dahon, which is not surprising as they make a huge range of folding bikes and are one of the best-known brands around the world. The Speed Uno is probably one of the coolest foldables around at the moment, looking more like a BMX than a commuting bike!

It’s also one of the lightest folding bikes around weighing just 24 lbs which is achieved by using a lightweight chromoly frame, aluminum handle bar and post, aluminum seat post and aluminum rims. You might also notice there are no brake levers either as the only braking mechanism on this model is a Shimano coaster on the rear wheel. Pedaling backward to stop takes a bit of getting used to but is fine once you have ridden the Uno for a while.

There are no fenders or chain guards on the Speed Uno to help save weight, so might not be so much fun when riding in the wet, but when commuting in dry weather, you can’t beat it.

As you might expect, folding or unfolding the bike is incredibly quick at around just 10 seconds and the Uno has the same magnetic latching system as the Boardwalk to make sure it stays together when you’re carrying it around.

There are quite a few reviews for this bike online as it’s so popular and we did find a problem that seems to crop up enough times to be noticed. This is to do with the pedals and it seems that if you’re not really careful when screwing them in (they do not come pre-installed) then it can strip the threads in the aluminum crank. The result will be that the pedal breaks or falls out after a while so make sure to watch out for this.

Other than that, if you’re after a simple, ultra-lightweight folding bike for your commute or just to keep in the back of the car then the Dahon Speed Uno ticks all the right boxes. Just note that this is the most expensive of our bikes despite its lack of features. We suspect this high ticket price is down to the premium materials used to make the bike lighter than most.

Ford by Dahon Convertible Single Speed Folding Bike

Our final selection is again another Dahon, this time one that came out of the collaboration between Ford and Dahon to produce bikes inspired by well-known Ford vehicles. This particular model is named after the Ford Mustang Convertible and has a lot going for it besides a nice paint job and some detail styling.

At 28 lbs it’s only just a little heavier than the Boardwalk so an average weight for a folder, but it does manage to pack in lots of features. The aluminum frame is very light and with alloy stems, wheel rims, and brakes Dahon managed to keep the weight down even though it has everything you need fitted.

As well as the seat post being height adjustable, the Convertible also has a height adjustable handle post. This makes this bike easy to set up exactly how you want it. There are linear brakes front and back as well front/rear fenders. Also, there is a full-length chain guard to keep you dry and clean.

The finish on this bike also needs a special mention. Besides some nice Ford branding, it also has three layers of paint with a clear top coat. This makes it resistant to chips and scratches and easy to clean.

At a price that is pretty good for a premium folding bicycle and still less than the Dahon Speed Uno, the Ford by Dahon Convertible foldable bike is great value and receives good reviews from people who own one. If you like the branding and enjoy having all the extra features rather than shaving some weight off the bike, then this model is certainly one you should shortlist.

Single Speed Folding Bike Conclusion

If we’re doing our job properly, then by now you should have a pretty good idea of which single speed foldable is going to suit you best from our selection of top models. Just remember that they do only have one gear. Peddling uphill is going to be hard work no matter how light the bike is!

If you want to check out the best prices for any of these models, then click below. Amazon has some amazing deals with FREE SHIPPING!. We also have lots of other folding bike reviews on our site. Most have many more gears than these so click here to check these out.

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