Schwinn Folding Bike Reviews: All Available Folding Models

Schwinn made their first folding model back in the 1970s. Although the range has come and gone through the years, they now have a decent lineup. From the budget Hinge single speed model right up to the top of the range Adapt 3 with 9 gears.

No matter what your need for a folding bike, we think Schwinn will have something that works for you. We’re going to compare them all to help you make the right decision.

Let’s take a look at what Schwinn currently offers in folding bikes. You can click the links to jump to the desired review or compare their main features below:

Hinge 20-Inch
Single Speed
20-Inch Loop
Adapt 1
 Adapt 2
Adapt 3

Steel – low stand over frame

Aluminum alloy – loop shaped low stand over frame Aluminum alloy – mid height modern design Aluminum alloy – mid height modern design Aluminum alloy – mid height modern design
Color Gloss black Black, titanium silver or white Gloss navy Matte charcoal Gloss red/silver
Gears Single speed Shimano 7-speed Shimano 7-speed Tourney 8 speed Shimano Acera gears 9 speed SRAM X5 gears
Gear change None Grip-shift Shimano Revo grip-shift Shimano Revo grip-shift SRAM X5 trigger-shift
Wheels 20” Alloy 20” Alloy 20” Alloy 20” Alloy 20” Alloy
Tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth rolling street tires Smooth street tires with reflective sidewalls Smooth rolling street tires
Kickstand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable seat height Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable handlebar height No No Yes Yes Yes
Fenders Front and back full size Front and back full size Front and back full size Front and back full size Front and back full size
Rear rack Steel – bolt on Integral to frame Steel – bolt on Steel – bolt on Steel – bolt on
Carry bag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Folded size 26″ x 28″ x 11″ 30″ X 32″ X 11” N/a N/a N/a
Lifetime warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Ready to find out more about the different Schwinn models? No problem! Read on for a review of each one!

Schwinn Hinge 20-Inch Single Speed Folding Bike

The Hinge is the budget model from Schwinn. So expect just a basic build and limited features with this one. It ticks all the boxes for a simple folding bike at a very low price. So as long as you’re not expecting too much from it, you will not be disappointed. It comes in a nice, understated gloss black color for the frame with bright steel seat post and handlebars to complement the look.

The first thing you will notice when you pick it up is that it’s heavy. This is mainly due to the sturdy steel frame. In fact, most of the metal components on this bike are made of steel with the exception of the alloy wheels and linear pull V-brakes. Leaving us with an overall weight of just over 33lbs. That puts it on the heavy side of average for a folding bike.

There is a nylon carry bag included. But, it’s not really of much use apart from storing the folded bike in when not using it for a while.

Why do we say this? Well, mainly because several reviewers have mentioned you will have trouble actually getting it in the bag for a start! Also, as the Schwinn Hinge is so heavy, you will need more than this bag to be able to carry it comfortably on your shoulder or back.

Because its a single speed, this model will give you a good workout if you encounter any hills. This, of course, does make it easier to maintain. As long as you plan to mostly ride on flat, paved surfaces, it could work well for you.

The frame itself is a fairly standard low, a stand-over type that folds in the middle. Although the latch and folding mechanism is an older design, it works very well once you get used to it. The handlebar also folds down with the same sort of latch. Together with the adjustable seat post and folding right-hand pedal, it is all you need to do to collapse the bike.  It takes about 20-30 seconds to fold or unfold, so not terrible. Although there are quicker bikes to fold down out there.

Unfortunately, there is no clamping mechanism to keep it folded which is probably why it’s difficult to get into the bag. You might need to consider a strap or bungee cord to secure it in the folded position.

Another factor that affects how well a bike performs is the wheels and tires that are fitted. This model has some nice alloy 20-inch wheels with smooth riding street tires. According to our research, these reportedly give a nice comfortable ride on paved surfaces with plenty of grip. They’re not much use if you want to go off road though. So this bike isn’t going to be the best for camping trips if you want to ride around forest tracks for example.

The single speed crank set is a fairly standard and robust 3-piece design. It’s nothing fancy, but then it is just single speed so no surprise there. The pedals are made from resin which is hard wearing and light. Plus the right hand one folds up when the bike is being stored. Stopping power is provided by alloy linear pull brakes with alloy handles. Not the best quality but they work absolutely fine.

Rider protection from mud and water splashes is great on this model with good-sized full wrap fenders front and back in gloss black to match the frame. There is a chain guard covering the top run of the chain completely, which really helps to stop getting chain oil on your clothes.

The Hinge has a good-sized steel rack that bolts on behind the seat post. So, if you’re looking for a bike with a rear rack to carry your bag or a stack of books, then this model has plenty of room. As for the seat itself, it’s not something you would want to spend a long time on. It’s very hard, but it’s fine for short trips. You also get a nice strong kickstand with this bike, so it’s easy to park whilst you’re getting ready to ride.

Finally, all the Schwinn folding bikes have a lifetime guarantee, so if you do run into any problems with the bike, you’re covered for as long as you own it. Naturally, this doesn’t cover normal wear and tear though obviously!

So how do we feel about the Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike?

This is definitely a model for those on a very tight budget. However, it probably is not the bike for you if you need to carry it around at all. It is great though if you don’t have room to store a full-sized bike at home and just need something for a quick trip to pick up some groceries. Just remember, if you have any hills or slopes nearby, you may end up pushing this bike. There are no gears!

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Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike 7-Speed

The Loop, as it’s affectionately known by those that own it, is probably the one a lot of people will go for when buying a Schwinn folding model. It’s not that much more expensive than the budget model, but has a lot more features. And it’s a little bit lighter.

The Loop gets its name from the way the frame loops down from the front to the back. This makes for a very low step-over height, so extremely easy to get on and off.

The frame is made from aluminum alloy which makes it very light but strong. In the rear, the rack is an integral part of the frame and is alloy as well. The handlebar, forks and seat post are all bright steel. Unfortunately, this puts the weight back on again. Overall the Loop comes in at just over 32lbs, so better than the previous model, but not by much.

What you do get though, is a set of 7-speed Shimano gears with grip shift. This is what makes the Schwinn Loop so much of an improvement. In general, most reviewers were quite happy with the gearing both for flat terrain around town and urban hills. So it will certainly make life a lot easier. These are low-end Shimano gears. But for normal use, they work well as long as they are maintained and set up properly.

You also have a choice of colors as this model currently comes in either black, titanium silver or white with complementing trim for a stylish look. The black model is considerably cheaper than the other two and looks just as good to our eye. But, we will leave that to personal preference!

The folding mechanism has also been improved on the Loop, with set up or folding times reportedly down to around just 15 seconds. Once again there is no way to latch the bike when folded so you will need to purchase a strap or bungee cord to keep it together.

The seat on this model has attracted some comments from owners about how hard it is. At some stage you may well want to look for an alternative one. You can though set it to a comfortable height because the seat is adjustable. However, the handlebars are fixed height. This does not seem to cause too much of a problem for most riders. But if you want that feature, then take a look at the Adapt models below.

The wheels, tires, brakes, and pedals are the same as on the Hinge so no need to go over those again. There are also full fenders front and back, but there is no full-length chain guard. Instead, there is a ‘stay clean Pant guard’ on the single front chain ring. It does a pretty good job. A good idea would be to use a wax-based chain lubricant instead of an oil based one to help keep the chain clean. It will make it less likely to mark clothes when riding or carrying.

Finally, on this model, you also get a good quality kickstand and it comes with a nylon carry bag. Unfortunately, this is the same one you get with the Hinge so it’s not going to be much use except for protection in storage.

See our full review of the Loop here.

Our final thoughts?

It would have been nicer if the Loop was not quite so heavy. But on the plus side, this means it’s very sturdy and if you don’t mind the weight, it makes a really good buy, particularly if you get it in the cheaper color. Overall, we think this is a great folding bicycle with a good range of features. It is solid build quality that will suit the casual commuter or cyclist who will be doing more riding than carrying.

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Schwinn Adapt Series

The Adapt series of Schwinn folding bikes is their latest range. They boast of some nice new features over the two older models. There are three versions that are all very similar apart from the colors available and the quality of gearing fitted. We will take a look at the common features first and then check out each model to see what it has to offer.

The alloy frame has a much more modern look to it. And the sweeping top bar makes for a very stylish look. This does mean that there is a higher step over than the previous two models. However, it’s a lot less than a traditional bike.

There is still a fair amount of steel used in the forks and other components. This means that Schwinn has not managed to reduce the weight much below the Loop. The Adapt series come in at a shade over 32lbs. This does make for a very sturdy bike though. Many consider this a fair trade-off.

On this series the folding mechanism is much improved making them very quick and easy to fold and unfold. The handlebars and seat post are also height adjustable. This is something we are happy to see at last on a Schwinn model. The saddle also appears to be a lot more comfortable, which is a bonus.

All the models in the range have 20-inch alloy wheels and smooth rolling urban tires. They may vary in design a little between them, but are basically the same. To help keep you dry they also sport full sized fenders as well as a pant guard on the front chain ring.

The linear pull brakes are good quality providing decent stopping performance. Each bike has a large rear bolt on rack that looks very sturdy. All have good quality resin pedals with the right hand one being foldable when storing. And finally, they have a strong kickstand and heavy gauge nylon bag for carrying.

All new bikes come with the Schwinn lifetime warranty, of course, for peace of mind. It doesn’t matter where you purchase it from.

Now a quick look at the three Adapt models to highlight their differences.

Schwinn Adapt 1 7-Speed Folding Bike

Available in a rather tasteful gloss navy color, the least expensive model in the series is a step up from the Loop and Hinge models. Besides the modern frame and other features mentioned above, the Adapt 1 comes with Shimano 7-speed Tournay gears and a Shimano Revo grip-shift mechanism.

These are a decent entry-level gear set. You will have a smooth and reliable ride over most urban terrain. It will allow you to tackle hills and slopes around town without too much exertion. It also makes the bike ideal for camping trips.

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Schwinn Adapt 2 8-Speed Folding Bike

The next model is the Adapt 2 which has a couple of nice extra features. It’s finished in a matte charcoal color with light blue detailing for a stylish look. It also has reflective sidewalls on the road tires to make you more visible to drivers at night.

Gearing on this model is provided by an 8-speed Shimano Acera set with a Shimano Revo grip-shift. It’s a better set than the Tournay gears on the Adapt 1. And, the Acera gears should prove more than capable for most of your riding needs around town. The tires might limit you to what you can do. But gearing wise, these will cope with some light off-road use whilst camping or touring in the RV for example.

The handlebars on this model also have a bullhorn shape to allow you to leverage your body weight. This is most especially handy when tackling slopes and inclines.

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Schwinn Adapt 3 9-Speed Folding Bike

The final bike in the Adapt series and in our review is the Adapt 3. This bike comes with a high-quality 9-speed SRAM X5 gear set and trigger shift system. These will allow you to ride pretty much anywhere the tires will let you. But around town, they make the Adapt 3 as one of the best folding bikes around.

The finish on this model is a gloss red/silver color that will make your bike stand out in a crowd. It has the same bullhorn handlebars as the Adapt 2 for increased performance. All this comes at a price of course with the Adapt 3 being the most expensive of all our models.

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Final Word on the Schwinn Adapt Series

Choosing which Adapt model is the right one for you will depend a lot on personal preference in terms of the color and number of gears you need. All of them are great bikes with a sturdy frame and outstanding build quality so whichever one you get, we don’t think it will let you down.

Schwinn Folding Bikes Conclusion

If we’ve done our job properly then by now you will have a pretty good idea of which model of Schwinn bike you are going to go for. If so, then check out below the best prices on all of the Schwinn range with free shipping as well.

Images used by permission.

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